Celebrating the best in the private asset management industry, With Intelligence

We’re With Intelligence. A global team of industry insiders, data scientists, analysts, journalists, technologists, and product developers.

Together, we unite products that have collectively served the investment management industry for over a century. We connect and serve a global community of investors, asset managers, and service providers, who all rely on us to deliver real results.

Through our data products, intel, reports, and our live and online events, we’re here to help fund managers like you achieve your goals.

Delivering the richer data and intel that the industry needs

Our data products are sought after by our community of deeply engaged investors, who rely on our unique blend of industry events and reports to keep them informed. With fresh databases, memorable events, and insightful intel, our hedge fund offering leaves no stone unturned.

By entering our awards and listing your performance With Intelligence, you’ll be judged squarely and fairly on your results. Naturally, we will flag up the shortlists and wins from the European Performance Awards on our database, so your achievements will be seen and recognized by a receptive audience. And, posting your performance with us, to be objectively reported on, tells its own story. After all, investors are looking for managers they can trust. Don’t leave it to your competitors to interpret your story. Make sure you set the narrative and report on your strengths and success, by listing With Intelligence.

Happening events

Data and analysis will take you a long way. But ultimately, to truly advance in our industry you need the personal touch. And as we’ve learned in the last two years, nothing connects like meeting in person, face-to-face. We’ve been running events, sponsorships, and awards for over 20 years. We know what works. We manage a series of events across greater Europe and the European Union, including events for operational leaders, emerging funds, and a great deal more. See our timeline of events below and continue to experience the effects and effectiveness of our live events, for yourself.